More about us

Our mission is to get people's lives simpler through technology, with automation and artificial intelligence, so that human being be positively impacted for being more productive.

Relationship with transparency, empathy, respect and humbleness

At Eteg, respect and humbleness is mandatory. We believe that acting and working with transparency among our clients or co-workers . For that, empathy, is our key success value!

Entrepreneur mindset: think and act as the owner, do what has to be done

Work hands-on is a fundamental skill, since this incorporates the mindset of co-owner. We stimulate entrepreneurship: from more than 200 former people, about 30% became entrepreneurs at Eteg, in one of our spin-offs or in own businesses later.

Excelency: being better always and delivering value to the client and to society

Our goal is producing always the best, and that means delivering results for the client - that's why we always try to understand and realize what is result. In same sense, delivering for society relevant solutions is one of our current passions, as long as learning always.

Our History in Canada

Learn about our history in Canada

September 2016

The onboarding

Eteg has started its operation after being selected for the Accelerator Centre -- one of the most successful accelerators all over Canada.

Jan 2017

Partnership and Acceleration

With the Psyalive project, Eteg moves to the Phase 2 of the Accelerator Centre program.

February 201

BPM goes to market

Eteg launches Sydle BPM solution on the Canadian market.