BPM Automation

Stop a little and think (the future of your company depends on it): your company suffers from some of the following ills?

  1. Do you feel that there is a lack of transparency in the processes?
    • Do you know how your company services are running?
    • Do you know the real impact of not knowing?
  2. Low productivity?
    • Are there several routine tasks in your company that take a lot of time out of your resources?
    • Could these same resources realize other activities of greater importance?
  3. Too much paper?
    • Does your company use paper for everything?
    • And how is the management of this amount of document done?
  4. Problems with the new employee?
    • Does your company have well-defined, documented and standardized processes so that the input curve of your new employees is as smooth as possible?
    • And what about turn over?
  5. Are you able to measure?
    • Do you have reliable data to analyze your company’s performance?
    • And this data is in real time?
    • What is the cost of collecting them?

Several companies of all types, segments, and sizes go through problems like the ones above. And many of them do not even realize how harmful such problems can be. The company gradually loses competitiveness and market to its competitors.

If your company has some kind of problem like the ones above, you need a good BPMs (Business Process Management suite) and we can help you.

We, from Eteg, have strong expertise in BPM and we work with Sydle BPM (https://www.sydle.com/bpm/). Sydle BPM is a complete tool, 100% online, present in more
than 90 countries and choice of big companies like Petrobras, Inter Bank, Bonsucesso Bank and others.

Some benefits:

Start work with Sydle BPM is simple like this:

We are ready to help your business achieve its goals through process modelling, BPM automation, training and all needed support.

So, did you like it? Contact us and we’ll talk more.

“You can't demand productivity unless you provide the tools to allow people do their best.” (Steve Jobs, Apple)


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