Chatbots development is a reality. Recent studies show that, for each 10 interviewers, 4 pointed that prefer to communicate using text messages and 70% said that are willing to interact with companies using WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger (source: TAKE/Opinion Box).

People are also questioning apps usage for its activities and, hence, there’s a progressive increase in apps uninstall rate. A recent research realized by AppsFlyer verified that, in Brazil, a for each 2 apps installed in Android devices, 1 is uninstalled.

We point, then, that there’s a trend for using messaging apps (such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype, Twitter) as a way to communicate people and companies. Mark Zuckerberg (2016) enforces that trend in saying people don’t like to install apps or talking about any business by phone:

“I don’t know anyone who actually likes calling businesses,” he said. “It’s just not fast or convenient, and it definitely doesn’t feel like the future.”. That’s why we believe in Messenger as a plataform for companies communicate with users.”

New researches about chatbots bring interesting conclusions:

  •  Mindbowser, in a partnership with Chatbots Journal, presented a global study with workers from 100 different organizations, in which 75% of companies plan to build a chatbot for their businesses still in 2017. Besides, 67% from interviewers believe that chatbots usage will overcome mobile apps in the next 5 years.
  • Gartner Group showed that, by 2019, 20% of brands will abandon their mobile apps due to the excess of features and high support and maintanance cost, and by 2020, people will chat more with chatbots than their partners (Eteg’s advice: husbands and wives, review their concepts!)

In summary, chatbots technology, altough recent, is a reality, for bringing huge benefits for companies and their clients.

How chatbot works?

With chatbots, every contact that is made by phone calls, chats or apps will happen with a multimedia chat inside messaging apps, using automated and intelligent mechanisms for meadiate and potentialize communication.

How we deliver value with bots?

Our work process is simple, following the best practices. As TAKE partner, the main brazilian company in chatbots desenvolvimento, Eteg uses BLiP plataform. Soon, you will have more information about BLiP plataform.

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